Monday, October 22, 2012


We start our state study with the spot where the sun first touches the United States every morning...Maine. 

We have found some fantastic resources on Maine at our local library. My favorite so far has been, Maine from the America the Beautiful Series. It is jam packed with information. It is a perfect fit for my sixth grader as far as reading level and difficulty and it challenges my third grader. We have learned many fantastic facts about the state as a result of reading this book. I am a little sad that looking ahead, our library does not have the complete series of these books. They have several but not all 50 of them. 

There are also some great resources that come from our All American 1 History Curriculum. Every day we read a few pages from Kids Learn America and United States of America State by StateWinter Promise has some great sheets to do on each state as part of the curriculum. Many of them came from a great resource from Homeschool in the Woods in particular their New World Explorers kit and US Map CD's. I also found the resources I posted earlier to go with the postcard exchange and the lady who originally started the postcard exchange is posting great packets every week or two for the study of states. Beth from the Living Life Intentionally Blog is posting these phenomenal state packs, From Sea to Shining Sea

Guess I best get to work today. When the kids finish their study, they're each going to write a blog about their favorite facts about Maine.

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